Minor Setback

We had Ubuntu 12.04 running on the Pandaboard just fine a few days ago, but decided to upgrade to 12.10 because of supposed performance improvements. Unfortunately, the graphics driver fails to load when you try and login now.. We’ve decided to revert to a backup of 12.04, but that has cost us 3 or 4 days of work..


2 thoughts on “Minor Setback

    • I don’t know exactly, but I presume the official ones provided by Imagination Tech. I remember “PowerVR” being in the title.
      It’s really strange though, because when you log in as a guest, it loads the desktop fine, but if you sign in to where the useful things are all set-up, it fails.
      Ah well, I think Chee has restored it from a backup already, so all good 🙂 Would just be annoying having to set up all the projects again.

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