Aaaaaaa! Working with the pandaboard is so annoying!

“I have a secret vendetta against you, muhahaha”

This evening, I have been working on getting our stereo vision algorithms working on the pandaboard (so far, I’ve been testing them on my laptop). All well and good, I thought. But oh no, problems, as ever, arose by the tonne.

Firstly, some of the libraries that I was using (concurrency, time) had to be removed, because they are part of Visual C++, and not vanilla C++. The time library was just being used to test performance, so I’m going to have to come up with another solution for that, but that’s only a minor niggle.

The concurrency library, however, is what I was using for parallelisation. Thankfully, I haven’t really done any parallelisation of the algorithms (I had just done acquiring images from the camera in parallel), but we were planning on parallelising some other stuff. I suppose we’ll have to learn OpenMP as well or something, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

The biggest issue, however, is that the USB port on the pandaboard doesn’t have enough bandwidth to support streaming from both cameras simultaneously at a resolution of 640 x 480…

I kept getting mysterious errors, but eventually worked out the issue. Alright, I thought, we’ll capture the images at 320 x 240 instead. It will speed up the algorithms too, albeit make our visual demonstration a bit less fantastical.

The next, as yet unsolved problem, is that all the camera calibration was done at 640 x480, and using those settings with 320 x 240 images results in just plain incorrect outputs. So I need to work out whether it is possible to scale the matrices appropriately (I think it is), or redo the calibration process at 320 x 240.

I was hoping to get this finished today, but ah well, almost there. On the plus side, the algorithm seemed to be running at a decent frame rate (it can run but the output is obviously wrong) on the board (not that I could test the performance numerically).

Can’t wait for portable supercomputers.



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