Progress and Plans

We’ve lost a bit of momentum recently, what with having to focus on projects for other modules and waiting for some of the equipment to arrive, so I thought I’d take a moment to collate everything we’ve done so far, and things we plan to do in the future.


  1. We have a stereo vision module that is flexible enough to change number of disparities while running (to allow for different speeds the car might be travelling at) and that shouts if there are objects which are too close.
  2. We have a server and a client that can currently send and receive an image integrated with the stereo vision code.


  1. We need to extend the server and client so that we can transfer more than just an image.
  2. We need to devise a mechanism for controlling the car. We only just got the microcontroller that we’ll be using for this today, so we’ll get started on this soon.
  3. We need to implement a method for measuring the speed of the car, so we can adapt the stereo vision algorithm accordingly. We are still waiting for some equipment to do this, but it should be pretty interesting to implement.
  4. I’ve recently discovered that image acquisition and rectification is quite expensive. This is one part of the stereo vision process I was ignoring in terms of performance consideration, but we’ll have to do something about this.
  5. We need to design a mount (and potentially a power supply) for the car, so we can hook everything up in a neat package!
  6. We need to create a basic iPhone (or Android, or desktop) application for demonstration purposes.

It seems like we need to do a lot more than we’ve done already, but I think the two things we’ve done (plus all the setup) was quite a big chunk of it all. Also, bearing in mind that we (still!) haven’t received all of the equipment that we need (including the car, or our own Pandaboard..), there isn’t much more that we can do at the moment.



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